Double Two Racing Report – No Limits Round 1, Donington Park

Double Two Racing Report – No Limits Round 1, Donington Park

Pete from Double Two Racing has sent in his first report on his participation in the No Limits Race Series.

What an amazing introduction into the explosive world of 600 sprint racing at Round 1 of the No Limits race series. There were lots of ups and no real downs, a huge learning curve for Pete, our sponsored rider, and Aly, who was on pit crew duty.


A frantic 10 minutes on a very cold track surface and a very long delay in the holding area saw most of the riders enter the track with stone-cold tyres. The first few laps everyone was taking it really easy to get some heat into the rubber. This left only a few laps to post a fast lap time. Pete qualified in 12th overall but 3rd in class.

Race 1

A cautious first corner from Pete was the first lesson to be learned in sprint racing as he got swamped by other riders. He quickly got his head down and headed into Craners, but soon after the red flag was out after multiple crashes and everyone was lined up back on the grid. The race would now be cut to 6 laps with 2 warm-up laps. A second bite of the cherry and a better start for Pete, losing only a couple of places to finish 5th in class narrowly missing out on 4th place by just a couple of feet after pulling back the gap.

Race 2

Another great getaway and he held the position through Redgate. Tipping into the notorious left-hander at Craners, unfortunately, saw the two riders in front of Pete go down in a big way. Luckily both riders were okay. Pete held 2nd place until around lap 7 with Ben Wotton coming from the back of the grid and managing to get past into McLean’s. Ben would go on to take an inspired win, with Pete taking 3rd and the first sprint trophy for Double Two Racing.


Race 3

Starting from 15 on the grid and on pretty secondhand tyres Pete struggled with rear end grip but still manage a top ten finish bringing it home in 8th

Race 4

Last race of the day and after struggling in race 3 Pete was down at 19th on the grid. 2 laps in and Pete was down in 9th in class, but putting in his fastest laps of the weekend consistently. Battling back to 7th, he tagged onto the back of the train from 2nd to 7th which was the most satisfying part of it. Thanks to everyone who came to support us and to the No Limits Racing medical staff and the very busy army of Marshalls and to Track Prep Racing for sorting the suspension out ,also thanks to our fantastic sponsors James and the crew at No Limits tyre support, DRC race leathers, Motorcycle Parts Warehouse, Properly Protected Insurance, Cradley Kawasaki, PUTOLINE distribution UK, TAGspeed, Motorbykebitz, PCR performance, NOVOL, PFC brakes.


About Double Two Racing

The team consists of Peter Wright, Martyn Siviter and Scott Stevens. With a background in endurance racing, Pete has transitioned over to the No Limits 600 Sprint Series. We proudly sponsor Peter with MPW Race Department Tyre Warmers.

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