Denali DIY wiring kit - Denali SoundBomb Air Horn

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  • All fitment components in one kit
  • Includes instructions
Denali DIY wiring kit for Denali SoundBomb Air Horn

Just what you need with no frills. Get all the supplies and parts you need to wire your horn to your bike without having to go to the hardware store and still wonder if you have everything. Uses an ATC inline fuse instead of a typical, fragile glass fuse.

Designed for use with the Denali SoundBomb Compact Dual-Tone Air Horn, but can also be used with other replacement horns requiring a dedicated relay.

    Parts List:
  • 3' 14 gauge red wire
  • 2' 14 gauge black wire
  • 3' 18 gauge white wire
  • 3' 18 gauge blue wire
  • 4 x red .250 fully insulated female connector
  • 4 x blue .250 fully insulated female connector
  • 1 x 1/4" red ring terminal
  • 1 x 1/4" blue ring terminal
  • 1 x ATC fuseholder
  • 1 x 20 amp ATC fuse.
  • 1 x set of instructions (1 page front and back) packaged in sealed bag
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MPN DENTT0001310000
Brand Denali
Category Electrical Parts
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