DID 520 VX3 - Connecting Link - Rivet Link

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  • Master Link: Rivet Link (ZJ)
  • Finish: Black
  • Chain Type: Heavy Duty (HD)
  • Seal Type: X-Ring
DID Rivet Link VX3 ZJ Connecting Link for 520 Motorcycle Chain

DID Chains are one of the most recognised chain brands in the industry. Many manufacturers use them as OE equipment, whilst race teams put their trust in them too. DID is one of the top choices because of its longer life expectancy and the best power performance, especially when your chain is fighting the daily dose of grit and grime that creates a grinding paste that can severely damage your chain.

Split links are easy to install - it is best to use a pair of pliers or a screwdriver to push the spring clip into place. Be sure that you have the correct orientation of the link - the closed side should be facing the direction of travel. If you are unsure, it is best to get your chain fitted by a professional.

Key Points:
  • ZJ Clip - Rivet Clip Connection
  • Easy Installation

Please note the RJ Link version should only be used on small horsepower machines or low speed as it has less strength than the regular riveted links on the chain.

More Information
Brand DID
Category Chains Belts & Sprockets
Size 1
Chain Pitch 520
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