Harley Sportster 14-18 - Rezo Polished Front Brake Disc

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  • Fixed slotted front brake disc
  • Made from high-grade stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium
  • CNC Machined and diamond ground
  • Direct replacement for OEM discs
  • 1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Rezo stainless steel brake discs are manufactured using high grade (420) stainless steel. The discs are cut using a CNC controlled laser and finished with dual diamond grinders to ensure true flatness and high braking performance. Each disc is polished to a mirror finish to boost the aesthetics of your bike.

Note: Please observe the images section of the listing as well as the technical specifications below to make sure this brake disc is suitable for your bike's wheel.

- Type: Fixed
- Outer Diameter: 300mm
- Inner Diameter: 56mm
- Thickness: 5mm
- Wear limit: 4.5mm
- Mounting holes: 5
- Mounting hole diameter: 8mm
- PCD (pitch circle diameter): 82mm
- Height (carrier/disc offset): 0mm
- Weight: 1783 Grams
- Turning Direction: Universal left or right

Product Info
The disc friction surface is made from heat treated 420 stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance and high heat-cycle durability. The surfaces are diamond ground to produce a true parallel and flat surface. The disc is slotted for improved water, dust and gas dispersion and improved cooling, and is contoured with a wavy pattern for enhanced looks and to reduce rotational inertia and unsprung weight.
All Rezo brake discs are manufactured to OEM specifications and are a direct replacement for your original discs.

Fitting Advice & Warranty information
When installing your new Rezo brake disc make sure the seating surface on the wheel is clean and corrosion-free. Use new disc bolts and tighten them to the OEM factory torque specification. Clean the disc friction surface using brake system cleaner.
Clean the brake caliper and check it functions correctly. A seized piston or slider pin will cause braking problems and could damage the new disc.
New brake pads must be fitted with your new Rezo disc. This is to allow the new braking surfaces to bed in correctly, maximising performance and giving you a much smoother feel. We recommend using sintered brake pads for the best performance. Failure to replace your old pads can result in improper bedding in and impaired braking performance, and in worst cases could cause heat spots and warping.

Bedding in your new discs and pads takes time and braking performance is reduced until it is complete. New discs and pads usually take around 100 miles to bed in. Initial bedding in should ideally be done with gradual braking at various speeds, with increasing pressure and load applied over time. You will notice performance improve steadily.

For more information regarding the Rezo Warranty Click Here

More Information
Brand Rezo
Category Brakes
Style Fixed Brake Disc
Size 1
Material Stainless Steel
Placement on Motorcycle Front
Finish Polished
Outer Diameter 300 mm
Inner Diameter 56 mm
Number Of Bolt Holes 5
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