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Suzuki GSX-R1000 2009-2010 Full Fairing set - Unpainted

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  • Flexible injection moulded ABS/PPE
  • Aftermarket pattern replacement
  • Supplied with brass threaded inserts where needed

Suzuki GSX-R1000 2009-2010 Full Fairing Set - Unpainted

Each body kit is formed from injection moulded ABS/PPE to ensure an accurate copy of the original panels. This fairing kit is designed to replicate a similar fit and finish as the OEM part at a fraction of the price, helping you get your bike back on the road and looking its best. Our ABS fairing kits feature all of the cut outs and mounting points required to fit directly to your motorcycle. These fairings are supplied fresh from the mould, and as such will require preparation prior to painting. Ensure you clean and prepare each panel carefully to get the best possible finish.

Please Note: The panels included in this kit will require thorough cleaning and preparation before use. Due to the nature of the moulding process, they may feature dirt and grease and some light scratches. Please ensure you degrease the panels with warm soapy water and use a high grit wet and dry sandpaper to prepare the panel before painting. If you are unsure of any part of the process, we recommend having your panel kit painted by a professional.

Key Features:

  • Injection moulded for increased strength and flexibility
  • Aftermarket pattern replacement to ensure a precise fit
  • Supplied with all holes pre drilled for easy mounting
  • Supplied unpainted ready for priming and finishing
  • Made from ABS/PPE plastics for strong impact resistance

What's in the box?

  • Front fender - Replaces OEM: 53100-47H00-019
  • Tank cover - Replaces OEM: 44291-47H00-YKV
  • Air intake cover front - Replaces OEM: 94671-47H00-YKV
  • Tail left side panel - Replaces OEM: 47211-47H00-019
  • Tail right side panel - Replaces OEM: 47111-47H00-019
  • Tail Left side indicator panel - Replaces OEM: 47621-47H00-YKV
  • Tail right side indicator panel - Replaces OEM: 47611-47H00-YKV
  • Tail light panel - Replaces OEM: 47911-47H00-YKV
  • Tail undertray plate - Replaces OEM: 47921-47H00-YKV
  • Tail undertray - Replaces OEM: 63112-47H00-YKV
  • Tail seat cover - Replaces OEM: 47300-47H10-(YKV/YMD/YSF/YMK)
  • Windscreen surround - Replaces OEM: 94411-47H00-019
  • Air Intake cover left - Replaces OEM: 94682-47H10-(YKV/YMD/YBD/YMK)
  • Air Intake cover right - Replaces OEM: 94672-47H10-(YKV/YMD/YBD/YMK)
  • Top side panel left - Replaces OEM: 94483-47H00-YUS
  • Top side panel right - Replaces OEM: 94473-47H00-YUS
  • Tank side panel left - Replaces OEM: 47510-47H00-YUS
  • Tank side panel right - Replaces OEM: 47410-47H00-YUS
  • Side infill left - Replaces OEM: 47521-47H00-000
  • Side infill right - Replaces OEM: 47421-47H00-000
  • Under nose infill panel - Replaces OEM: 94419-47H00-000
  • Inner radiator surround left - Replaces OEM: 94462-47H00-000
  • Inner radiator surround right - Replaces OEM: 94461-47H00-000
  • Side panel left - Replaces OEM: 94440-47H10-(019/YBD/YSF)
  • Side panel right - Replaces OEM: 94490-47H10-(019/YBD/YSF)
  • Engine cover top left side - Replaces OEM: 94482-47H00-000
  • Engine cover middle left side - Replaces OEM: 94484-47H00-000
  • Engine cover bottom left side - Replaces OEM: 94480-47H00-(YKV/YBD)
  • Engine cover top right side - Replaces OEM: 94474-47H00-000
  • Engine cover bottom right side - Replaces OEM: 94470-47H00-(YKV/YBD)

Why buy from us?

At MPW we strive to provide the best quality goods and excellent service to our customers. As avid bikers ourselves we understand the desire to maintain and upgrade your bike with products you can trust. We source our products from some of the industry's most recognisable brands as well as manufacturing our own range of cost-effective replacement parts. Choose us today and we'll be with you for the long haul!

Please Note: These panels come unpainted and we recommend test fitting before sanding, priming and painting as there may be moulding marks left from the manufacturing process. For the best results, we recommend having your fairing kit fitted and painted by a professional.

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