Unpainted Fairing Kit - Kawasaki ZXR400

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  • Lightweight and durable ABS plastic
  • Aftermarket pattern replacement
  • Pre-drilled holes ready for installation
  • Ready for painting
  • Press moulded to ensure stronger plastics

Unpainted 8 Piece Motorcycle Fairing kit for Kawasaki ZXR400 1991-2003

This unpainted fairing kit is a replacement for the OEM panels on your bike. We assure excellent build quality and ease of fitting, making our kits the perfect replacement for restoring tired, damaged panels on your classic bike where OEM options are no longer available.

Our ABS fairing kits feature all the cutouts and mounting points required to fit directly to your motorcycle. Each piece is constructed from press moulded ABS plastic for a precise fit, unlike the thicker fibreglass options available elsewhere.

Why ABS press moulded plastic?

ABS plastics are a great alternative to the commonly used fibreglass. While fibreglass has a higher load bearing strength, ABS has higher impact strength as well as having more resistance to vibration, which means it is a much better suited material for fairing. And as if that wasn't enough, ABS is also half the weight of its fibreglass counterpart. Additionally press moulded plastics are a stronger alternative to injection moulding as the process of injection moulding causes the material to have concentrated stress points leading to weaker parts and cracking, whereas compression moulding does not.

Key Features:

  • ABS Plastic is a lightweight and durable alternative to fibreglass
  • Pre-Drilled mounting points ready for installation
  • Unpainted and prepared to be painted
  • Press Moulded to ensure stronger plastics compared to injection

What's in the box:

  • Nose Cone - Replaces OEM: 55028-1267-20/55049-5344-CK
  • Front Fender - Replaces OEM: 35004-1283-20/35004-1283-7F
  • Left Side Panel - Replaces OEM: 55049-5345-CK/55049-5417-20
  • Right Side Panel - Replaces OEM: 55049-5346-CK/55049-5418-20
  • Left Tail Panel - Replaces OEM: 36001-1472-20/36030-5427-R1
  • Right Tail Panel - Replaces OEM: 36001-1473-20/36030-5428-R1
  • Right Fender Cover - Replaces OEM: 14090-1057-DG/14090-1057-FR
  • Left Fender Cover - Replaces OEM: 14090-1056-DG/14090-1056-FR

Please Note: These panels come unpainted and we recommend test fitting before sanding, priming and painting as there may be moulding marks left from the manufacturing process. For the best results, we recommend having your fairing kit fitted and painted by a professional.

Why buy from us?

At MPW we strive to provide the best quality goods and excellent service to our customers. As avid bikers ourselves we understand the desire to maintain and upgrade your bike with products you can trust. We source our products from some of the industry's most recognisable brands as well as manufacturing our own range of cost-effective replacement parts. Choose us today and we'll be with you for the long haul!

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More Information
Brand MPW
Category Fairing & Bodywork
Colour Grey
Placement on Motorcycle Front, Rear, Left, Right
Finish Unpainted
Number Of Pieces 8