Yamaha WR 125 X 10-14 - Rear Sintered Brake Pad & Delta Disc Kit

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  • EBC pads TUV and KBA tested and approved
  • Delta Discs are laser cut from stainless steel
  • Quiet in operation with maximum stopping power
  • EBC Brake Pad: EBC-FA213HH
  • Delta Brake Disc: DELTA-2162659
Yamaha WR 125 X 10-14 - Rear Sintered Brake Pad & Disc Kit
  • EBC Brake Pad: EBC-FA213HH
  • Delta Brake Disc: DELTA-2162659

It is strongly recommended that you purchase new pads when replacing discs, as old pads will have worn in with the old rotors and will take a long time to bed into the new surface of the disc. This kit includes a set of EBC brake pads and a Delta disc, allowing you to regain the braking performance of your motorcycle at an affordable price. Please be aware that it will take some time to bed in your new pads and disc, so it is recommended to avoid harsh braking for the first hundred miles after fitting to allow the brakes to bed in properly.

Delta Brake Discs

Delta have been researching and producing brake discs for over 10 years, rigorously testing their products under the most extreme conditions to achieve a safe, reliable and long life performance replacement for OEM brake discs.

Delta brake discs are laser cut from high carbon stainless steel for longevity and are lap ground to ensure that they are perfectly flat, providing a great affordable replacement to old, worn or damaged brake discs.

EBC Brake Pads

EBC produce the largest range of brake pads and brake discs in the world. With over 5000 part numbers for every type of moving vehicle. EBC strongly pursue its philosophy that brake pads and brake discs are safety products and are best hand crafted and made with care and maximum focus on high quality. With its 60 year pedigree of brake material blending you can be sure that brake pads bearing the EBC name will deliver and perform.


EBC Double-H Sintered Superbike pads are the true and undisputed KING of fast Motorcycle Brake Pads. Within one year of their 2004 launch these high performance brake pads became the standard by which all brake pads for street bikes were judged because of their long lasting and powerful brake effect.

Made in the USA, the pads are an exact equivalent of the sintered pad grade supplied in your motorcycle when it was made. The sintered copper alloy provides a longer life and perfect braking. Stainless steel radiator plates are fitted to the pads where required to reduce heat transfer into your bike's hydraulics.

With fingertip stopping power in all weathers and an amazingly long life of up to 50,000km, EBC HH pads are a great choice for any motorcyclist looking for a replacement or performance upgrade.

More Information
Brand EBC
Category Brakes
Size 1
Material Sintered
Placement on Motorcycle Rear
Finish Polished
Outer Diameter 230 mm
Number Of Bolt Holes 6
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