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Returns & Refunds

Returns Policy


As well as your statutory cancellation rights described below, you can return an item if it is in an unused and undamaged condition. You must contact us within 14 days of receipt of the item and the return must reach us within 30 days of receipt of the item. If you have missing parts from your order then you must contact us within 14 days of receipt of the item.

Please note that you must return each item in the same condition in which you received it. This means that new items must be returned unused and undamaged. Used items must not have any additional signs of use or damage.


Order Changes


If you accidentally order the wrong part or you wish to add more to your order please Contact Us before 12pm on the day your item is due to be dispatched. We will endeavour to prevent your item being shipped where possible. If the item is already shipped please contact Customer Service.


Returns Costs & Methods


Motorcycle Parts Warehouse will provide you with a pre-paid returns label for UK returns, but you must include the paper invoice when returning an item.

Failure to do so will result in a 10% restocking fee regardless of whether the item has been returned within the 30-day period.

For all items with a value of over £50 purchased in the UK, Motorcycle Parts Warehouse will offer a Free return using a pre-paid returns label. If the item you purchased is under £50 it is not eligible for a Free Return, so if you’re using a pre-paid return label, we’ll deduct the cost of the return from your refund. For returns from within the UK, costs start from £3.99. For International returns please contact customer service. Please note that returns that contain multiple items, or large items, may cost more.

You can return items in the following ways:


Return Method Pre-Paid Label Packaging Restrictions Item Value over £50 Item Value under £50
Royal Mail


Max 61cm (L) x 46cm (W) x 46cm (D) 20kg Free Return Return Charge, £3.99
DPD https://returns.dpd.co.uk/mpwreturns/GB/home Min 61cm (L) x 46cm (W) x 46cm (D) 20kg Free Return Return Charge, £4.99
Outside of the UK Returns Contact Customer Service on how to proceed      


Replacing/Exchanging an Item


You will need to Contact Customer Service within 14 days of receipt of the item for a return code and the returned item must reach us within 30 days of receipt of the item. If the original item returns to Motorcycle Parts Warehouse outside of the 30-day return window, which begins on the day you receive the original item, you will be charged for both the original and replacement items.


Cancellation Rights


You have the statutory right to cancel your order for any reason within 14 days beginning with the day you receive the item. To exercise your cancellation right please Contact Customer Service


Mistaken Returns


Please ensure you enclose the correct and complete item when making a return. The correct item must be returned to receive a refund.

If you have accidentally sent the wrong item to Motorcycle Parts Warehouse, please Contact Customer Service as soon as possible.


Damaged Items


If you receive a damaged item,Contact Customer Service within 14 days of receipt of the item. If the product has been test fitted this is considered used and is not eligible for a full refund.

Damaged items, including some electronics, aerosol or liquids that have been opened, or items where the manufacturer seal is broken aren't returnable and are advised to be discarded. Do not dispose of any item without contacting Customer Service first. Motorcycle Parts Warehouse reserves the right to request proof of disposal at any time before refunding the value of the damaged item.


Damaged Hazardous Items


If you receive a damaged Hazardous item, don't use it.

Damaged Hazardous items, including damaged batteries, aren't returnable and should be disposed of in a recycling centre. Visit Recycle Now for information on the recycling centre and further steps. Do not dispose of any item without contacting Motorcycle Parts Warehouse first. MPW reserves the right to request proof of such disposal at any time before refunding the value of the damaged item, so make sure that you obtain appropriate evidence from the recycling centre you use.


Returning Hazardous Items


Use the original packaging when sending the product back to us if possible. This packaging has the labelling and packaging formats that you must apply. If your packaging is damaged, use new packaging. For items that contain batteries, make sure that the package is strong and rigid. Secure the equipment against movement within the outer packaging and against accidental activation. Close containers with liquids, aerosols, or other substances prone to spillage tightly so they don't leak. Place the containers upright in the box and make sure they're not loose. Put filling materials, such as the original filling material or some newspaper, around the product to fill any empty spaces in the box.

If you're returning multiple Hazardous items, you must only return one item per parcel to ensure compliance.


Open/Box Clearance Returns


Standard returns policy applies for any product listed as New. All products are sold as described and the condition is outlined in the product description. Any product that is returned must be returned in the original advertised state for a full refund. Any product advertised as Spare Parts / Not Working is non-returnable.


Warranty Claims


For Motorcycle Parts Warehouse owned brands please view the links bellow for the warranty terms:

Other manufacturers they may offer an additional warranty period which covers against product defects. To determine warranty requirements for a specific item, please contact the manufacturer directly for a warranty claim or contact us for assistance.

Please Note: warranty processing may take 4-8 weeks and will be subject to the individual manufacturer's policies and discretion. Manufacturer warranties do not cover defects determined to be caused by normal wear or due to customer negligence.








Our refunds policy doesn't affect your statutory rights. Your refund and how your refund is issued may differ based on the condition of the item and how long you've had the item. 

Please Note: After the carrier receives your item, it can take up to two weeks for us to receive and process your return. We typically process returns within 3-5 business days after the carrier delivers the item to our warehouse. When we complete processing your return, we issue a refund to the original payment method.


How Refunds Are Issued


Most refunds are issued based on the payment method used at the time of purchase. In some cases, you may be offered a voucher code option.

Please Note: Your refund request will be processed within a maximum of 14 days of us receiving the return. The refund will be confirmed with an automated e-mail. You will see the refund in your bank account or credit card statement, within a maximum of 7 business days after the refund is issued. Motorcycle Parts Warehouse may determine that a refund can be issued without requiring a return.


Refund Method

Refund Time (After Refund Is Processed)

Credit card

Three to five business days

Debit card

Up to 10 business days

Checking account

Up to 10 business days


Three to five business days

Voucher Code

One to Two hours

Google Pay

One to three business days


Late Refunds


If your refund doesn't appear in your account, and the processing time for your payment method has passed, Contact Customer Service.


Return Shipping Refund


We'll offer you the option of returning the product using a pre-paid carrier label, or, if that's not possible and the cost of returning the item exceeds our standard delivery option, please contact Customer Service for advice on how to proceed. If Customer Service advise sending the item back at the buyers expense, MPW will then arrange a refund for any reasonable additional postage costs upon on proof of the fees you incurred.

We'll refund your return costs on items that fall under the following sections.

  • You received an incorrect item.
  • You received a damaged item.
  • You received a defective item.
  • You received an item that does not match its description.


Restocking Fees


In some circumstances, MPW may charge a restocking fee when an item is returned. These circumstances include when an item is returned outside of MPW’s return policy or in used, damaged condition. Items returned in original condition and within the returns policy cannot be charged a restocking fee.

A restocking fee is a percentage of the item's price; depending on the type of item and its condition upon return (item price does not include shipping costs). Only returned items are eligible for a restocking fee.


Return Request

Is There A Restocking Fee?

The buyer changes their mind about a purchase and returns an item in the original condition within the return window.

10% restocking fee.

The buyer receives an item damaged in transit.

No restocking fee.

The buyer returns an incorrect item or an item which is damaged/faulty but not due to transit

No restocking fee.

The buyer modifies an item/ installs the item causing damage or uses the item in anyway meaning it can no longer be considered in New and Unused condition

Yes. Up to 100% of item’s price.

The buyer returns the item in New and Unused condition and the original manufacturer packing is damaged beyond repair

Yes. Up to 10% of item’s price.

The buyer returns the item with no paper invoice or with no means of contact or identification on the sender.

Yes. Up to 10% of item’s price.